Our Services




The Alexander Group maintains a modern vehicle fleet, made up of Scania and Mercedes Benz trucks with the highest of safety features and lowest possible carbon emissions to ensure minimal impact on our environment from our business. It is equipped with safety features such as GPS, in cab cameras, cornering and speed alerts. The latest technology in EBS braking, air suspension, fuel efficiency and low static threshold are used in the cartage of all customers product.




The Alexander Group place a very high value on recruiting the best drivers for our business and then training to our high standards. We employ fulltime driver trainers as well as utilise external training providers such as Masterdrive.




We have an impeccable safety record over the 47 years of operation within the Alexander Group which we believe is due to the priority we place on safety and professionalism in all aspects of transportation. We hold tertiary ACC WSMP accreditation as well as ISO 9001:2008.




Our Operation Supervisors provide liaison with customer dispatchers in the coordination of vehicles and drivers. All vehicles have GPS tracking enabling live tracking of product. We provide a 24 hour 7 day a week service to our customers with our office staffed 5 days a week. Our staff are fully trained in emergency response procedures.