Safety, Quality, Professionalism

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We aim to be the first choice for specialised transport and distribution of gas and bulk liquid.


Alexander Group’s three core values are safety, quality and professionalism. We strive to achieve this through the following areas of focus.

  • Highly capable and well trained staff
  • The safest possible operation
  • The use of quality equipment and technology
  • Collaboration with our customers and their changing requirements
  • Maintaining a sustainable and efficient business
  • Having a culture of continual improvement
  • Living up to our core values of safety quality and professionalism in everything we do.


Alexander Group Holdings Ltd is a family owned transport company established in 1971 by John and Cecile Alexander. The company has specialised in providing innovative transport distribution services to select customers that require dedicated cost effective transport solutions. Its origins were in the grain industry and then the company diversified into the wine industry and developed specialized tanker services. From the 1990’s to present day the company has also worked in the dangerous goods sector of fuel and gases.

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Alexanders business model is one of working in partnership with customers to maintain an efficient, safe and reliable transport solution. We partner with other modes of transport such as coastal shipping and rail to ensure the best supply chain process is delivered to customers.

We are extremely proud of the customers we partner with and are committed to providing them with exceptional service.

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